Top 7 Fencing and Gate Colours You Should Know

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Aluminium fencing panels, pedestrian gates and automatic gates are a popular security option that is extensively used in both residential and commercial purposes. Powder coated aluminium solutions are contemporary, stylish, economical, easy to install and maintenance-free, not only increasing privacy but also adding an extra layer of modernity to the property.

These fences are available in a wide range of colours. Below are the top 7 colour choices made by our current customers.

As we have our own in house powder coating facility, we have access to a range of colours that you can touch and review if you attend our Yatala facility. In the meantime, we hope the following information gives you an idea of the specific colours that will give your fence or gate a stylish and durable finish.

1. Domain

The Domain is a light creamy tan colour with a satin finish. It’s a very popular fencing colour that comes with a luscious, fresh & warm feeling. Domain is the perfect colour for the backyard fences. Due to its soft and natural tone, many homeowners choose this colour.

2. Dune

Dune is another popular colour also known as pale grey colour; it has a gloss finish. This colour also has a soft and natural tone. Dune colour invokes the essence of neutrality. Apart from that, this colour comes with some beautiful shades that give a luxurious feel.

3. Woodland grey

Woodland grey is a very popular colour which is used extensively in renovations either by the water or in the hinterland. If you are looking for an elegant and simple fencing colour, woodland grey is the best option to choose. This colour blends natural tone and contemporary feel. The classic tone of this colour is ideal for house exterior. Woodland grey makes the fences classy.

4. Monument

Just like woodland grey, the dark richness of this grey is another popular fencing colour. The urban inspired tone of monument colour turns it more classic and natural. The colour tone adds an extra layer of modernity to fences and gates. Monument colour is elegant, strong and versatile.

5. Pale Eucalypt

Pale Eucalypt embodies soft and natural hues. This is a versatile fencing colour. The greenish tone of eucalypt fencing colour is ideal for fences & natural tone of this colour adds an extra layer of enhancement to the property. Pale eucalypt is extensively used in gutters, doors and gates.

6. Surfmist

Surfmist is another popular colour that embodies purity & freshness. Mist from snow, white sand, yacht sails and surf are reminiscent of the surfmist colour. It is a gentle bluey grey, and evokes coolness and sharpness. This fencing colour has a simple & soft tone. It can also be used in roofs, house exteriors, gutters, etc. This is the perfect option for fences.

7. Riversand

Last but not least, riversand comes with a neutral, warm & contemporary feel. It is a muted brown colour that lends itself to a almost any environment. In comparison to other fencing colours, riversand has a very sophisticated tone. These fencing colours make the fences elegant and classy.

Whichever colour you choose, you will receive:

  • A classic design and colour tone that will make your fence unique.
  • These colours are long-lasting.
  • They can’t be deteriorated due to harmful UV rays.

For more information on the vast array of colours available to our customers, give our team at Aaromat Group a call to discuss your custom needs. We’re always happy to help, and were only a phone call away.

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