50mm Pool Fence Post


Aluminium fence posts all manufactured in Queensland, Australia.

Available in a range of styles and colours.


Manufactured in Queensland, Australia.

  • All posts are 50mm x 50mm
  • All posts include a post cap
  • Inground posts are used when digging a hole and concreting in the ground. They go 500mm into the ground.
  • Flanged posts are used when bolting down to existing concrete, timber or pavers. These posts have a 4 hole base plate already welded to the bottom. Base plates are 100mm x 100mm.
  • Wall Mount posts are used when you want to put a post between an existing wall or post. They include 28mm round wall mount plugs.
  • Core Drilled posts are required when you have existing concrete and don’t wish to use flanged posts. You will need to hire a “core drill”. They are 80-100mm into the ground and require a hole of approx. 75mm round.
  • Note: the latch posts do not come with the actual latch. The only difference is they are taller to accommodate the latch sitting 1500mm off the ground.
Fence Post Style

Flanged, Inground, Core Drilled, Wall Mount

Size (Length)

1350mm, 1450mm, 1800mm, 2400mm, 2600mm, 1510mm latch post, 1850mm latch post, 2160mm latch post


Satin Black, Standard Colour, Custom Colour

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