Face mounted glass pool fence spigots

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Face mounted (wall mounted) spigots can greatly improve the appearance of glass pool fencing or glass balustrade where a ledge or solid wall requires a fence / barrier. Rather than mount the spigot on the top surface, the face mounted spigot attaches to the vertical wall surface to give a seamless and attractive appearance to your fence or balustrade.

Face mounted spigot with M20 chemset

Face mounted spigots are versatile and allow for two different mounting styles. You can either use 2 x countersunk M16 bolts or alternatively use a single M20 Chemset to mount the spigot onto the wall surface. These spigots can be mounted onto any vertical timber, concrete or brick surface.

Glass panels are secured via our compression system which mechanically secures the glass to the spigot with a bolt that goes through a hole in the glass. We can generally use standard glass panels with this style of mounting system which makes it cheaper than face mounted standoffs (below). In some instances, pool fences may require custom panels depending on height restrictions. The compression system provides improved durability and the greater resistance to movement and dislodging compared to friction style spigots which only clamp onto the outside of the glass.

Our face mounted spigots also match the same style as our premium compression spigots so they can be combined to provide a matching style of spigot across all fencing.

Face Mounted Standoffs


We can also use standoffs when face mounting glass panels. Standoffs come in a round shape and these also secure the glass via our compression system.

Standoffs do require custom made glass panels as they’re mounting point sits further down the wall than a face mounted spigot. Generally we would use 4-6 standoffs on a single panel of glass compared to only 2 face mounted spigots.

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