Backyard safety for your little ones

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Children by nature are energetic and inquisitive. They love exploring and keeping them safe can often be a difficult job whilst not stifling their sense of adventure.

Parents often take a lot of time to plan and safety check the inside of their homes, but it is just as crucial to safety check your garden, pool areas and garage. Child proofing the outside areas of your home can provide your child with a safe environment to play whilst providing you with peace of mind.

Safety check the garden:

  • Always supervise your baby and toddler when they are in the garden, even if you think your garden is safe, babies and toddlers can always find a way to get into trouble or eat something they shouldn’t. Secure fencing is an effective way to make supervising your children a little easier.
  • Make sure you know what plants are in your garden and that none are poisonous.
  • Large water bowls for pets or full watering cans can also be a drowning hazard.
  • A fence around the backyard is a simple solution to keeping your children safe. A fence will keep your little explorer safe from the hazards outside your garden and prevent anyone entering your backyard.
  • Make sure your garden is secure and all fences and gates are well maintained and locked.
  • Keep all gardening products and equipment in your garage/shed; e.g lawnmowers, garden equipment, fertilizers, mulch, tools and all chemical products. Where possible, keep these up high and out of reach.
  • Your shed/garage should be securely locked.
  • Ensure all play equipment is in good working order and that swing sets are stable and anchored into the ground. Regularly check bolts and screws for wear and tear, especially trampolines.
  • When you child proof your home you might need to consider placing cushions on sharp edges for younger kids, this should also be extended to the outdoor area where furniture, BBQ’s etc… can also be a safety hazard.

Safety check your pool:

Babies, toddlers and young children, should always be supervised by an adult when around pools even if there are pool fences, little ones can find ways to climb!

  • If you have a pool, by law it must be fenced and the gate latched.
  • Never leave any child unsupervised for even a minute around your pool!
  • Make sure all pool chemicals, cleaning & maintenance equipment is kept safely locked up and out of reach of your children.

Child safety around cars at your home:

  • Never allow children to walk/crawl behind or in front of your car if the car is running, but still stationary, whether in your garage or driveway.
  • If you park your car on a sloping driveway etc. then always double check that the hand-brake is engaged and again children should be taught which way to walk around the car, so that there is no danger of it ever accidentally rolling forward or back and hitting your child.

A fence can provide peace of mind

Spending time in the outdoors is essential for developing young minds and bodies.
Fencing is the first step to ensure that your children are safe and sound in your backyard, or around the pool.
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